søndag 3. oktober 2010


My first ever Rosemaling piece :-) pretty satisfied, my new motto is "everything is possible for Bjørn to fix" (Bjørn was my teacher at the 14 hour course )

mandag 19. april 2010


Again a pretty long time since I wrote last.. but you can't win them all... I am considering closing down this blog... but I just want say juhuuuu for spring and today (maybe, you never really know with my buddy there...) there will be diving going on.. :-D

lørdag 20. mars 2010

Everything right :-)

This week I have done everything right :-) 3 times workout and no times eating too much. Now I have cleaned my bunny's cage and am just relaxing until time to go to work. My working weekend. Perhaps some embroidery in the mean time.

lørdag 13. mars 2010

I did it again...


Well the workout part went as usual this week, worked out 3 times. But the food.. oh my I stuff myself.. then what's the use of working out!!


Anyway I have had some more progress on my bunad so here is a pic.

lørdag 6. mars 2010


:-( yes this week I have been a NAUT (Norwegian speaking..). Meaning of course that I have eaten way more than I should... On Tuesday I ate 6 pieces of pizza and then I ate "vafler" on Wednesday and to top it off completely I went bersherk yesterday and ate 2 "Påskeegg fra Freia", half a package of "Drage Egg" and a toffee, before I went to my sisters place and ate a huge portion of Nachos....

Apart from this obvious fallout I have been working out 2 times this week, in a few minutes going to work out for the third time.

And because I love my bunny, here is a snugglepicture for comfort :-)

lørdag 27. februar 2010

Another week

Another week is over, and worked out 3 times. Today I was at the gym at 0900 again :-) It's tuff, but I feel like this is my chance. I have really got a good start now and it would be so stupid to mess it up again... I am not sure I would be able to be this comitted a second time, if I can't make it right now..

Anyway, it's working weekend again and going to work around 1500 till 2300 and again tomorrow from 0800 to 1530. So now it's relaxing a bit before getting ready. I have to clean the cages of my cute prisoners :-) before I go to work. Tomorrow my friend is picking up her loved ones again. Oh I am still jealous of her. I want to go diving in Egypt :-(

But I WILL GO soon!! No matter what :-)

lørdag 20. februar 2010

Saturday :-)

I am up early and going to work out in 20 minutes time... :-) last saturday I worked out there where so many people there that I couldn't find a free running device, this time, super early... they open at 0900 and I intend to be there :-)

Visited my sister and her boyfriend yesterday in their new apartement, really fancy. Am I envious? YES! I also want a bedrom with room for a double bed... :-(

Anyways, this evening we're all going to my folks for a turkey dinner :-) YummY!!

It's still snowing and I love it. Lots of complaints from everybody with cars but I don't have one so HAHAHAHAHAH

I am babysitting a bunny and a guinea pig while my friend Anne is in Sharm El Sheik in Egypt. Fancy I want to go there too YES please! But for now beeing the babysitter is also cosy :-)